Monday, February 23, 2009

i told you so!

When i was somewhere roundabout 16 (and keep in mind this is pre digital cameras, facebook and all that so most people only had photos of family and special occasions!) i made a friend of mine have some photos with me... specifically, and i told her this on that day, because one day she would be SUPER famous and i would have to have a photo of us to prove we were friends, i should have got some when we were both on stage together but that would have been lame, right... anyway this is a pic of a pic seeing as again no digital, these are in my scrapbook from before i was married. (the small circle in the middle)

Well if you happen to watch So You Think You Can Dance Australia tonight, you would have witnessed the talent of said girl in the photo. Yep, i have to say my prediction nearly 10 years ago was officially fulfilled when Cassie Davis was the feature act on SYTYCD.
Congrats Cas!

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