Saturday, March 7, 2009

He is my provider

My husband and I believe that God requires of us that al areas of our lives are submitted to Him to allow Him to work freely in them and we strongly believe (and have experienced) that when we submit our finances to Him, through tithing and being obedient in where He guides us to sow, he provides and blesses us.

Back in my new christian days our church had a one off 'first fruits' offering which was 1 weeks wages equivelent. i felt that although i only worked a few hours a week and altough i really needed more income at the time, God was calling me allow Him to be in control of my finances. So i putin my first fruits and the next night I had a shift at work. The rosters had changed and i had extra shifts tha meant every week i had what i had put in that offering extra, down to the cent. God had multiplied my offering 52fold, as i then made that amount extra every week.

t's no secret that times are tough, particulary for those in the building and construction trade. They dont loose their job and get a severence package, and virtually every one in the industy is effected in a slow down. The rates drop, the hours drop and the work dries up, so the wage that has been supporting our family has halved lately.

So i prayed and put out a facebook status and wihin a week i had a casual job, and now two weeks into it i have ben offered and have accepted a permanent postition.

It is evenings and nights and it works out to only a few hours away from the girls each week, nad those hours can be with thier Daddy, itis great work and because of the field comes with other financial govenment tax cuts and things. All in all it is too perfect to not be the divine prvision of a loving God!

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  1. God loves to bless his children! And I love to see him at work :) I'm happy for you guys and I enjoy your blog.