Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday!

In the true spirit of not me monday confessions, this week i shall be brutally dishonest...

It was not me who ate 2 minute noodles for dinner and nachos for lunch and still wondered why my jeans dont fit... I am on top of my health and only eat healthy, low fat and sugar meals. I would not be so slack and at the mercy of the "i fell like it" when considering meal options...nope not me!

I do not have 4 loads of washing sorted into colours on my laundry floor, i would not be so behind in my daily duties... nor would i have allowed my husbands car licence registration lapse and bee 2 weeks overdue... i hope the irony of him driving to the police academy in an unlicenced vehicle is not lost on all who read this, but possibly to those he works for!

I was not slightly annoyed at my poor husband who was sick and in bed for 3 days because he had the flu because when i get the flu i dont get to stay in bed for 3 days,or even 1. Nope, not me! I am much more loving and understanding than that, and i certainly would not have encouraged him to take stronger medincations in the hopes he would feel better and be able to help me... no way, i would encourage him to rest, make rediculously good chicken soup and bring him tea and cool cloths for his forehead..... YEAH RIGHT!

I was not a bit proud when my 3 year old started reading words this week, i am not one of those mothers that pushes their children to gain unnatural levels of ability for theier age (i am really not) so i wouldn't be slightly excited that she might be able to really read before she is 4! Not me!

And of all things superficial, i would not have set up a please comment post and been a bit disappointed that i only got 1 comment (thanks Jillian)... nope i would not care about such silly things! Not ME!

NOt me monday is a blog carnival started by MCKmama, head over to her blog to see what she and others have not been doing...


  1. I thought I commented on your "Please Comment" post....maybe something was wrong with your comment thingy(just a thought)then again it could be me....Don't get too discouraged, I did the same thing a while back, and only got 3 comments...

    Also, I totally understand the feelings on your husband being sick....I feel the same way when my husband gets sick....I used to be a good wife and I took VERY good care of him when he was that I realize I don't get the same consideration (not because he doesn't try take care of me, just because I don't have TIME to be sick) I have slacked off a lot, and notice myself becoming a little less than caring when he is sick...I should probably work on that :o)