Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

My little girl is 2 today. She is not a baby anymore. She lay back while i was holding her in church on Sunday and said "baby" in a begging kind of tone. You know if they are old enough to ask to be the baby they really arent anymore!
Miss J has been the eternal infant, I am sure she looks almost exactly as she did at like 5 months old, just bigger.

*i promise to add photos to the post when i am home on my own computer.
She talked later than her sister(although more now), is chubby like a baby still, still likes to be rocked and held like a baby and is a crumbling mess if i forget her "mook" (milk). She also is still in nappies unlike her sister at this age...
do a dare tell you i tried taking her nappys off the last few days- results, about 40 litres of urine on my floor, and one other accident, and...wait for it.... absolutely nothing in the toilet. So i am off to the shop to buy the kid nappies for her birthday. No, not really.

I guess all this baby behaviour has been good for quashing my cluckiness until recently...although now we are looking at a slightly unconventional way to grow our family in the near future...but more on that later.

We had a little party for J at the park where she climbed too high on the equipment, ran around with her friends and ate 5 cupcakes (4 were mini ones, ok). The weather was just warm enough and it was a great time.

Happy Birthday Baby J. Cant believe I dont have ANY babies in my house anymore!

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  1. Happy Birthday! To your Little Girl!