Tuesday, October 20, 2009

its the little things

They say its the little things that count... well its the little things that can ruin your day/week as the case may be. Ridiculous isn't it. Our kids are whole and healthy, we have great jobs, and youth and church are going AWESOME. Yet i still find myself feeling nearly defeated today. Not quite, but nearly.
I have lost my phone which doesn't seem like much but we dont have a home phone and so now i have no means of contact with hubby, and when working opposite shifts that can be really hard,not to mention having no contact with the outside world while he is out on shift, and add to that the holiday photos that I havnt been able to download yet and the 50 a month plan i will have to keep paying, on top of a new one if I have to replace it. Oh and I couldnt sleep before my night shift tonight because I couldnt find anything else in my house to use as an alarm.
Add to that, that we backtracking a bit financially which comes with its own stresses, and the fact that my 2 year old has picked this week to be the most defiant little thing on the face of the planet, refusing to stay in bed, or do anything she is told for that matter, and makes for a not so enjoyable start to the week. Every time i try to get it in perspective and get my attitude right something else happens.
Well i am on night shift, and am totally freaking out now because there has been a headlice outbreak (i guess you get that when you work with homeless people) so now instead of sleeping when i get home i will be doing washing and combing hair, making sure i have not taken a little 'bonus' home form work with me.
I prayed for an insightful relevant devotional time on friday and i was lead to scripture about how the enemy aims to wear down those that oppose him and in my bible there was a side study about the scripture and how to deal with the enemies relentless effort in ruining your effectiveness through hindering your day to day life.
So it is by the little things the attack has come and one little thing God showed me that will mean i will only feel nearly defeated.


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  2. Hmmm. Interesting crowd here today. As least you are loved ... unable to know. :-)

    An E way.

    Sorry things have been tough lately. That sounds like a lot to deal with! I so know what you mean, if I don't have my cell phone I don't have an alarm either!!