Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Success comes in many forms to our household recently... jaeda is all but completely potty/toilet trained...SUCCESS!, both girls are now swimming freely around the deep end of the pool, under supervision of course...Success,(photos to come when i get home). D enjoyed his first night out for real on the job, even though it was in our states most notorious entertainment precinct... Success. I slept until 10 am yesterday as the kids slept at their Grannys house, now that i promise you that is a success!

My only lack of success has been in making new years eve plans. D is working and all of our frinds have travelled (as we all did last year) 8 hours south of here to an awesome little holiday town for the summer break. Both our parents have plans and althe other babysitters went with the crew south, although i wouldnt have much to do even if i could find a baby sitter. Maybe I will go hire some movies (TV is notoriously bad on weekend nights and holidays) and do my usual, resulting in me feeling about 2 decades older than i really am.

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  1. sounds like a lot of great successes,hoping you find success for New Years Eve.This will be my DH's first NYE's off in 8 yrs,woohoo,we are goig to a party,across the street with the kids to bring in the New Year.