Saturday, February 28, 2009

big girl birthday

Yesterday i was 2...

i painted 2 year old pictures

and sat for 2 year old photos...

TODAY i am 3...
i get a bike

and a helmet

and i get to be a ballerina (more) pics on that tomorrow!
I get visitors too like my Nan and Pop...

and lots of phone calls aswell!
I like being 3!

Happy big girl birthday miss grace, you are so grown up, i am hardly shocked you are 3, maybe a little shocked that you are only 3! Your baby strong will has developed into a strength of character and your one track focus has developed into a perseverence and patience so unusual for your age. Your kind words and sweet little manners make my day.
Love you lots,

p.s i would have posted a cute little baby pic here but i havnt been able to get them onto my new computer yet!

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