Thursday, February 19, 2009

log book entries of a crisis accomodation worker

I did my first Solo shift at an agency that houses young people at risk of becoming homeless/ in crisis. Just to give you an idea of how it went here is a few excerpts from the log book at work... with what i did write(roughly and with names omited) and what i wanted to write...

3:30 Tara in- handover commences

3:35 Phone call from * needs accomodation oh snap that means i have to do an admission on my first shift, so much for that box of snacks i brought.

3:37 House meeting notes located. Have just realised tonight is house meeting night which means i have to make the young people stay in, which is hard at best of times, new young people in the house means they are not going to know this so now i have to ruin their plans... i am not going to be popular
4:30 At door, **** In, appears to be upset and was verbally aggressive. Appears to want to kill someone, at some point i have to inform * cannot go out tonight... *o*
6:30 **** arrives unannounced for admission interview- aghh, have just finished dinner and I asked they call to tell me a time of arrival so i can track down forms and stuff and look semi professional- proceed to rummage frantically through draws to find paper work- unsure whether to admit that it is my first solo shift
(The next few are while trying to conduct the interview)
631 **** in -hope is in a better mood!
632 **** out - phew
633 Phone call from* - shouldnt have answerered
634 **** to office for meds - anti anxiety- worker considering for a split second getting prescription for some too ;)
635 **** out - Worker doing a little dance on the inside
636**** s partner arrives outside in car... well you get the idea now
935 * next shiftworker at door, cant come to shift due to fire near house, couldn't get through on phone as line been busy all afternoon - i know all about that line being busy, as i have to answer it all, still i have 25 minutes to find another worker, who may or may not live up to 45 minutes away.
9:37 phone call from **** at ****agency for background on ex reisident, check register and cannot find file, worker will call another agency. Thank the Lord, when i call other agencies from now on i will ask if the worker is available to talk or if, say, Chaos has erupted and it is his/her first shift...
10:45 Tara out- Made it out alive, with all my drinks, snacks and reading material untouched and looking forward to the next shift

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