Monday, February 16, 2009

not me monday- with a twist

hi i AM J, and i AM 1.

Today i did not get my leg stuck in my cot bars while playing instead of napping, then stick it back in after being rescued to avoid napping some more...

nope i am the an angel...

I did not stuff so much food in my mouth i had to push the last bit in and hold it in

Nope i am the angel

I did not start out perfect in my room time only to pull a huge toy off a shelf and spend the following 25 minutes having a sook instead of developing my independent play skills

Nope i am an angel

I did not hit my sister about 12 times through out the day and get her in trouble for dobbing..
nope and i most definately did not bite my mummy while she was giving me a cuddle and draw blood.
Or refuse to eat any of my dinner,

but then raid all my sisters dinner

I really am an angel

and to top it off i did not make Goo Goo eyes and get all daddies attention when he got home...

Nope i am the angel baby

"not me monday" started in blog land with te original not me post by Mckmama

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