Tuesday, February 10, 2009

we shall see how this goes....

So this will be my first post, kind of for theraputic value I think but on the advice of this special friend of mine I am going to (attempt to) start a blog. Should be relatively natural for me, I read blogs enough that i occasionally think in blog. I will leave it at that tonight but I guess the next few post will explain why i feel the need to write some things out and lets face it, facebook status updates just are not long enough anymore...


  1. Tara,

    My sweetest friend. I am so beyond happy to see you here.

    I love you heaps!

    Carly xxx

  2. Tara,

    I'm sooooo glad you started a blog!! I kind of feel like I know you a little bit because of the kind words Carly speaks about you! Your profile gave me chills and honestly if it wasn't for my son Max interuppting me...I know I would have just sat there and cried. Your faith amazes me...and I look forward to meeting you someday when I come to visit Carly!! Much love and praying for you, Mel