Wednesday, February 11, 2009

power struggles

so, lately i have noticed my 3 year old daughter has taken over, i mean under the radar so to speak but whatever i say, she says no, i will do this way/have that one/ do it soon... and my 1 year old(jaeda), well there is nothing subtle about how she rules the house. She is in full tanty mode whenever i require something of her and it's a battle to dress/change/feed/anything her. So i am about to open up a can of baby/childwise on them. I used it when they were babies admittedly not as thouroughly with my second, but with great results. Their sleep is still good as a legacy to that, but now miss 3(grace) needs to understand who is in charge and miss 1 CLEARLY needs more boundaries, seeing as she falls apart the minute her freedom is restricted.

I think if i write this it will help me stick to it, i sooo neeed to stick to it... so here is how it goes.

The gate is back on the bedroom door and each wll have half an hour of room time each day (playing on thier own with clear boundaries and a few selected toys), which will allow me to do an age approriate activity with the other. This will make a pleasent change from miss 1 (Jaeda) grabs paint brush and runs with paint flying on walls/clothes, me/her, or ask J show mummy where is the doggy in the book, only to have miss 3 (G) reach over and point, stealing little ones thunder.

Also, less tv, more structured activities and no more answering back-even subtly.

so today (and todays post) is mostly about them, and not me.

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  1. You know what is so awesome about reading this is the fact that I actually know you Tara, and I know your girls!

    Here's to know more tanty's!