Thursday, March 19, 2009

My brave little girl

I thought i would treat the girls to a day out (well a morning anyway) so i took them to a play centre near here.

I ran into a friend there and all was good, until grace was playing chasey with some kids in the playgym and tripped. I knew it wasnt good, so i grabbed j with one arm and grace with the other and the look on the parents faces sitting down said it all. Im not sure if they were horrified coz i was rholding J by one arm letting her feet just touch the ground to get to a place where i could see, or if they were horrified because of the sheer amound of blood on my other child.
Either way, J was fine so i am not to worried about those parents, but Grace was far from fine.

She had managed to faceplant the ledge just a bit higher than a regular step that was perfectly distanced from her when she fell and who-knows-how but ended up with a 2cm split in her top lip

Some ice, a nap, baby nurofen and hi 5 later she is Ok now, but i think that when it really hurt everyone was saying "You are so brave, your such a brave girl" now she thinks brave means IN A LOT OF PAIN. When it hurts a lot she seems to get real sad looking and says 'im so brave mummy im so brave. and after i gave her the icy she says, its ok im not brave anymore...

the cutest thin is the only thing she was sad about the whole way home is that she didnt get to say bye to the little grls she was playing with. She said " i want to play with her next time, she's a beautiful girl is she mummy" (she means isnt she). im a bit sad that i never saw her little friend. Grace very rarely calls someone her friend, let alone someone she just met.

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