Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The longest day

I am somewhere near the middle of a 72 hour day in which i manage to get a few 1-2hr naps but no real sleep. This is because in the day time i am in charge of two small children and in the night i am in charge or 6 'at risk' young people. Good for me the small ones nap so i can steal some sleep during thier nap times. Ah the joys of shift work as a mother. still better than having someone else raise my shildren in a day care centre in my opinion (not that i am against it totally, the girls go one day a week so i can do ministry stuff, and for thier own developmental benifit but i hate the thought of someone else being the one to teach the what from what and right from wrong, what if their values are different and even if they were i dont think anyone can really have the authority to instill a high moral standard in children but thier immediate family. sure others can reinforce and influence but the early year are so formative.
Oh and i am not so nieve(sp?) to think that everyone has a choice, i know sometimes it is unavoidable, praise God for the provision of a job where i am able to work full time and still spend almost all of my childrens awake time with them. I know this is not always possible. If your child is in a care situation for a lot of hours a week, pray that their teachers would be likeminded and pray over your children that God will guard thier hearts from the wrong influence, behaviourally, spiritually or morally.

Well seeing as i am rambling and possibly overly opinionated at this hour of the who knows what, i shall go sugar soap some walls or sort something to keep myself awake.


  1. Tars,

    I haven't been in to visit here for so long. I havent been getting follower updates so I didn't think you had been writing!

    Seriously what is it with Grace hurting her mouth!

    You need sleep girl. Infact so do I!


  2. What does sugar soap walls mean? I'm just curious.... :) You're so right about how important it is to have family watch the kids! My MIL watches ours and I'm so thankful. Hope you have a good rest of your week! Mel

  3. Thanks Tara for your comment and getting back to me about the sugar soap :) I hope you are having a great start to your week!!

    Many blessings, Mel