Wednesday, April 1, 2009

grandpa's gone home

Last night Duncan's grandpa, the girls great grandpa (aka rararandpa) went home to Jesus. For all of the family it is sad today but also a relief as well, since he had a stroke earlier this year life was not how he would have wanted it, and although he couldn't communicate, we could understand that he did not want to be in the position he was, i always found it hard to visit, to see such a proud and independent man like that.

Grandpa adored the girls, his only great grandchildren so far, and i am so glad they got the time with him, i wonder if grace will remember him in years to come? We lived with Duncan's parents and grandpa for a time when grace was between 12 and 18 months, she loved the extra company of grandpa around all day- not to mention begging for a taste of his eggs at breakfast everyday.

When Grandpa had the stroke i regretted not asking him to write something for the girls later in life, He had so much life experience and wisdom gained, loved God and loved them dearly. I hope to get the other greats to do it and i will put it together in a book called grandpa's letters. They have so much family history, experience and knowledge to share. I would love to see other people to do it to, especially new parents whose parents are a lot older, with parenthood being delayed to later in life i think a lot of teenage/young adults no longer have all their grandparents around, yet they are such a valuable input for values and knowledge.

Grandpa loved the pipes- this was at his 90th birthday recently....

As for Grandpa, my girls may not really remember him when they are older but i know they will benifit from all the things he taught their Dad. When his Dad wasn't there for Him, Grandpa was, and there are plenty of beautiful things he does as a father that he remembers Grandpa doing with him and his brother, not to mention his legacy of prayer and walking with God that will remain for generations to come.


  1. Oh Tara, Duncan and beautiful girls,

    We love you all, We are saddened to hear this news. Please let us know if there is anything we can do... and Tara next Wednesday if you can't make it to the event we have to attend - don't worry at all :)

    Our love and deepest sympathy to you,

    Carly and Sam.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. He sounded like a great gentleman.