Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my story- nothing new just a relocation

The following used to be my about me, but i am moving it to a post that i will have a link to, but i dont want it to be the first and foremost thing. Yes it is my past but it is not who i am. Yes I have lost two too many people to suicide but i will not call myself a suicide survivor becasue i am more than a suicide survivor. I am standing in the truth about who i am in Christ Jesus, shaped by the events of my past but not shaken, and formed only by his hand and in his truth.
I guess this is a step of definence, against what the enemy would have me believe and settle for, into the truth and light of Gods will. Also I would like to invite some of my family and friends to this blog and i dont want it to be a place of hurt or people feeling guilty for anything that happened or they didnt do.

I would have called this blog "a post in the life of..."but i couldn't figure out how to finish, no one thing defines me... I am wife & mother of two precious little girls.I am a youth pastor among other things in church & a youth worker, working nights part time with homeless young people. I would like to say all these good things were the only things that define me but there is the other things. Of 6 children my mother carried, two of us were born breathing.I grew up, not unloved, but equally, in an environment of bipolar disorder, depression,alcoholism, drug use and suicide all of which i was very aware of from a young age. My brother took his own life on Fathers day 2008, which was my 23rd birthday too, He was 19. I lost my Nannan(mum's mother) when I was 11 to suicide also. I often wonder what the end of this story would have looked like if it didnt look like this.........

At 16 a revelation of Gods truth and freedom saved my life, now i live for Him. I owe him my eternity coz of what He did on the cross and I own him my life because I would not have made it had He not met me where I was at sitting in the back of a church, hung over and coming down, waiting for my free skate at their skatepark.

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  1. Thank you Tara for the nice, encouraging comment you left for me. Your words were so kind and uplifting! I'm grateful for my online friends :)