Monday, May 4, 2009

Multitasking mishaps and misadventures- a not me monday post

Multi tasking is a womans skill, I know that much. My husband can cook, but only if it is all in one pot, like a casserole or something, because he cant seem to manage 2 things at the same time. One always burns or gets cold while the other cooks, and dont even start to think about 3 things at once. Lucky for him he does other stuff pretty well and has plenty of redeeming talents so I can forgive him for not being able to cook.

I know pastors multi task- because pastoral care is a job that is round the clock. You dont stop being concerned or praying or recieveing calls becasue it is 5pm or 3 am for that matter, not to mention pastors are often administrators, accountants, fundraisers, cleaners and event managers, particularly in a small church.

And I am fast learning that youth workers are multitaskers too, at least Iknow youth accomodation workers are. At any one time we are cook,cleaner,parent,authority,friend,administrator,organiser and mediator among other things.

I wont even start with multitasking mamas roles.

So i guess my point here is that to be all of these at one time involves considerable multitasking, at times not managed as well as possible...

Seeing as i am woman and therefore absolutely skilled muti tasker of course i would not have done youth group rosters and programming while at work at the hostel, I have not considered what i was going to present at team meeting for the hostel while playing with my children and I am sure I did not talk about my children a bit too much while runnning youth group.

I did not take my work keys and personal alarm which all the workers need at work, home with me, nor did i forget my work key and have to call the office staff to come and open the hostel for me...twice. For that matter i did not leave my house keys inside the church once and take the church key home, or loose the church key and start condering how much it was going to cost to replace before locating said key in my baby bag.

I did not talk about work all night at church ladies meeting tonight and church all day at work meeting this morning, I would never answer my mobile "joon.dalup y.outh sup.port servic.e, tara speaking", or speak to the group of 15-19 year olds in the house in a way that very closly resembles a 1 1/2 year old and a 3 year old getting told off.

I most definately did not half do a post so i could link early in mckmamas blog, And i was not kind of busy so i didnt see the new post up for all of 12 minutes and i wasnt just a little disappointed to be only 97th on the list... nor did i do it so quick i made a typo in my link!

oh and i am soooooo not writing this while at work!


  1. Tara,
    You crack me up! This was such a cute post...thank you for making my night a bit funnier :) Blessings to you, Mel xx

  2. Cute post! Just stopping by to say that I have been thinking of and praying for you this Mother's Day.