Thursday, July 2, 2009

End of term

We are coming to the end of this term of Pyro ( our youth group). This term has seen our group that used to be all of about 20 on a big night, (and by used to I mean last term) hit the 50 and beyond point. - (sidenote my constable conradt/pastor Duncan in the forground there)

I am so not about numbers as such but if those numbers reflect more young people hearing the word of God, and having good time growing in thier relationship with him, then bring on the bigger numbers! A big part of the growth has been kids that have never even ben to church before, from our churches alternative education program, the highschool we serve in and our youth bringing frends from school etc.

I blog alot about family and work, possibly because my friday to sunday are pretty much consumed by ministry time so I dont blog on those days, and the other days are more work and family days, when I do get a chance to blog.

Well just wanted to put in some pics from the other side of life, coz really its what it is all about, life I mean. Serving in the house of God gives everything else so much more meaning, also I am just so excited about what God is doing.

These are from 2 weeks ago, we had a "hot winters night" theme which was a hit an I managed to remember to take some photos...

mmmm hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows

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