Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Career Move

and this time its not me... although now in addition to being a youth pastors wife i am a police wife, which i am quickly finding is like its own little club. So our kids are not only pks (pastors kids) but cops kids too. I dunno if this makes him Constable Pastor Duncan or Pastor Constable Conradt. so far so good, seeing as he is still doing the training, and very good when it comes to the uniform, there is something Quite interesting about a policeman getting dressed/undressed in my bedroom ;) i dunno about two of us doing shift work but here goes, we will see how it pans out!
I would post a picture but he has issues with internet pictures in the uniform or something, so I guess I can keep him all to myself...


  1. You will soon tire of the 'blues' after a few months of washing, drying and ironing them!!! LOL.

    I'm lucky, DH's now in an area that doesn't require him to wear the beat uniform. Still have to iron shirts though. Love him, but hate that job with a passion, LOL.