Sunday, July 19, 2009

One proud mama (and papa n granny n grandpa!)

WARNING- pointless boasting about my own child ahead...

Grace has been doing ballet lessons for one term. She is the newest and youngest in her class but miss proper has to get it right so formal lessons suit her- she loves it and she is doing really well. i didnt realise how much they are learning.. i was so absorbed in watching her perform that i forgot to video when she did her solo (i dont know the french terms) where she did a skip along on toes, a turn and reach out with one arm and one leg pointed back. She did it perfectly (without bias parent opinion) Lord only knows what she wll be capable of when she is 10, or evn 4 for that matter.

...well I did warn you.

They all got a trophy for passing thier first exam. Grace wanted to sleep next to it last night!

one unfortunate thing about ballet is the whole fairy magic theme is like impossible to avoid, but it has become a bit of a teaching point. Grace now understand we dont need to do magic, God can do miracles and we must pray not try and do things in our own strength or with the help of any magic etc. I didn't really want to expose her to magic type stuff, especially becasue it is hard to teach about one thing that is real that you can't see and say another thing you cant see is pretend. Cant shelter them forever i guess. But the dancing is cute!...

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