Monday, July 20, 2009

Not (my child) Monday

Before i start, i will say, i must be a little ahead of the pack because I have done a couple of these, but just as not me monday from the point of view of Jaeda, my youngest. This post I will write about what my children have (not)done.
Daddys Bible-

Need i say more than this was not my youngest child... certainly not

It was not my oldest child who thought it appropriate and warrented to wake up the whole house before the sun came up on the only sleep in day we get each fortnight, by yelling and crying because she couldnt find the little plastic dinosaur she got in a party bag at daycare that day! Nope she is much more reasonable and considerate and not that attatched to ridiculously unimportant and inanimate objects.

The childrens church have been learning a a song for the fruit of the spirit. Grace is the youngest in the 'big kids church' but loves it. They have been learning the song that goes...the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience and kindness and goodness...etc. It was most certainly not my child singing the whole week " the fruit of the spitit is love-your-peas, patience and kind-of goodness". Nope she is the child of leaders in the church and would most certaily know these things properly by now!

After dinner out at a silver service resturant, it was not my child who, while waiting for her dinner, properly declared "i need a towel" while looking haughtily down to her lap where the napkin had been placed for her by the waiter at the resturant. Nope not my child. She certaily knows the difference between wait staff and her mother... RIGHT?

Miss confidence, Grace also did not suffer from stage fright at the beggining of her ballet routine either! not my child! i wish i kept videoing, because if that had been my child she might have kept that up for about a minute and a half and it would have been funniest home videos worthy!


  1. My little girl did not have stage fright for a whole session of dance classes.

  2. hi Tara. thanks for commenting at my blog! You have a beautiful family. I'm excited to hear more about your husband's academy experience. That is, if you are allowed to share. Best of luck to both of you! I'm still getting the hang of things myself.

  3. Hi Tara, I have come for gorgeous Carly's blog, my little four year does Ballet too and she LOVES it, always looks forward to kinderballet every Monday morning, the end of the year concert was the best bit, when they dressed up as flowers, it was very cute, I love your blog.
    thought I would post so you didn't think I was one of those lurkers..:)

  4. Hi Tara! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a great comment. We sounds like very similar mothers. This post is funny. I am already thinking of ideas to do one. Think I'll have to wait til next week though cause my Monday has just begun and we are heading out of town for three days. AND seeing as though this is our first family trip and it's Monday too, we will have nothing silly or out of the ordinary to add . . . . . . HA! Will be stopping by again soon. If I survive this trip and they haven't dropped me off at the funny farm while we are away :)