Monday, August 24, 2009

Not my child monday

So it was not my perfectly well behaved child who pretended to put her babysitter in jail the whole time she was watching them and insisted she could not come out and go to thier 'party'. She did not follow this up by 'rargh'ing at our babysitter insttead of saying goodbye. she would never be so rude. Not my child.

It was not my child who hopped herself out of bed at Granny's house and attempeted to get onto the toilet (who knows why as she isnt even toilet trained yet). If it was her, she wouldnt have been so uncoordinated as to end up with one leg in the toilet and definately would not have wandered out infront of all her Grannys guests with pants around her ankles saying "mesth" (mess).

It was definately not both my children who happened to discover a box full of the absolute noisiest toys in the house while we were having a leaders meeting at out house and would not have busted the out during the prayer at the end of the meeting.
Picture clack clack worm pull along toy on tile floors in hall way...
Nope, my children are used to these things and know how to behave accordingly.

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