Tuesday, August 18, 2009

the week that took a nose dive....

so it has been a while hasnt it? so long that I had 9 follwers now i have only 8... well here is a little of why the delay.

Things were ok(maybe even really good!) the beggining of this week. i had a great time taking the alternative eduction students from the program our church runs to see Reggie Dabbs. Reggie is a phenomenal youth speaker who connects and speaks to youth especially those in dark places, in a way i have never seen anyone else do. Our students got alot out of his message praise God and the all got free tickets to the outreach event next month -PRAISE GOD coz we were going to buy them!

D is enjoying academy and has been kept on as sqauad leader even though the are supposed to give other people a go, the supervising seargent dosnt wasnt want D to hand over the stripes.
There is a possibility(probability) of a sweet country post only 45 minutes from where we live(we live on the outer edge of the metro area) which would be great and come with a rent free house, early probation finish and 20% more pay!

so heres where things took a turn for the worse...
Sunday night got a message from mum saying "call me, Marika (a old school friend who i have not seen in a few weeks) is here, call NOW"
I knew it wasnt good. This was my best friend since grace one (first year of school age 5). I was at her house all the time, even went to family events with them (picture irridescent white child-me-at Aboriginal family events)...i knew her brother, he had had a drug problem when we were in highschool. I thought he was past that, he had a 3 year old son. I hadn't seen him in years.
I called mum, she put her on the phone to me.
I dont really remember what she said just "he went the same way as Joe" .

Rest in Peace Robert (Bobbo) Eggington

Afternote: i will delete this post in a day or two because i want to share this blog with my friend and I dont want her to have to face this post.


  1. Tara,

    I am so so so sorry,

    Please let me know if there is anything we can do friend xxxx

  2. I am sorry too...I will pray for your friend...

    Also, Reggie Dabbs is AMAZING!! I love to hear him...he definitely reaches the kids....(and the adults)

    I think I am the lost follower, not sure how that happened :o)