Monday, September 21, 2009

Not me monday

I did not post a title with nothing under just to be in the first 20 or so not mes on mckmamas blog...nope not me.

I did not forsake blogging for a few weeks due to family holiday and lots on at church and I definately did not loose the cable that lets me put photos from my phone onto my laptop so have not yet posted photos of said holiday( if that was why i had been away from the blog).

I did not book 2! big buses to take the youth from our church to a statewide youth way, last year we barely could fill 2 cars! Nope not me- really! what has happened could only be God.

I did not make above mentioned youth wear red and attach red streamers to them selves as i was afraid of loosing someones child in the 6000 strong crowd...and I was definately not kinda proud that it was my youth group that started the mexican wave in the stadium! Nope, not me.
And I was not REDICULOUSLY STOKED to see my favourite ever band Relient K play LIVE!- ok maybe still a little too excited about it to not me that one!

I did not buy black skinny leg jeans this week... nope not me, i am a mother of 2 children and far too old for such 'in fasion' clothing! Ok so i am only 24, just, so maybe i just feel too old.

...sounds a bit like the quater life crisis (like a mid life crisis for 20 somethings), i have been teasing my husband about for a while!

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