Tuesday, September 22, 2009

movin to the country...gonna eat me alot of peaches

i dunno if they were an Australian band- they were called the presidents of the USA or something like that but they sang this song
wait let me see if i can find a clip...
there you go. So this song has been in my head for like the last 2 months.
So this is how my life took a dramatically different course, leading me to be unable to get this song out of my head. 5 years ago i married i man...a tradesman with a pastoral gift and leadership abilities. We served in the youth group and we ran the youth group. We became the youth pastors and I figured we would pastor eventually, full time. Maybe he would pastor a church and I would use my social science degree and social work experience to set up a ministry for the down and out, maybe teenage mums, maybe drug rehab clients maybe all of the above... this was my plan.
Well since we got married anyway. My original plan was to serve with the leadership of my old church in a paid ministry role, but then we got married and he didn't feel right about moving to my church...in hindsight I see that That was my comfort zone, not Gods plan, but i left my friends and spiritual family and everything i was aspiring to then, and well 5 years later it is like de ja vu(figuratively speaking, coz I don't really believe in that kind of thing).
I have a job and a plan and dreams, and i really don't see how any of it fits with where we seem to be heading now. I am discovering what really is meant by walking by faith. I have a peace about all the decisions we have made leading up to this point. Now we need to decide where we are going in just 12 weeks time.

When D signed up we(I) was convinced we would do country posting MUCH furthur down the track and D would work local to our church, my work,family, friends, our lives. Then came the nearly perfect compromise, a country posting just 45 minutes from where we live now. i could still be involved in ministry and wouldn't have to work because of the country pay perks. Then that did not work out as they are not going to take on a Probationary officer. Now i cant seem to backtrack with D and country seems to be the only thing being considered...hence...this song.

I am quite emotionally attached to my church, my ministry and youth group. It is such an exciting time and I am finally finding the time to connect with new leaders, i know that leaving is going to be devastating for me...again. All the reasons i have to stay though are my own selfish ones. I don't feel like we are meant to stay, in fact i think God has been very deliberate about moving us out at a time when others will HAVE to step up and out of their comfort zones. I just doesn't seem to make it any easier though...
I will part II this post later with my thought about where we are going.


  1. It's hard to leave your comfort zone. I know. When hubs decided to go back to school to be a cop, and I finally decided to support him, I was very scared about where we would end up. I was sure I'd never find a job in my field in the rural area we did end up in. Now, I have the best job I have EVER had and I feel more at home here than anywhere except my birthplace.

    I just paused and said a quick prayer for you and your family. God bless!!

  2. This was a good post. One of the hardest things for me has been putting my wants on hold while we do what we felt was the best thing right now for our family. The career choice is a huge life change! I actually hate the entire state that we live in. That sounds so negative, but it's true. I would've never wanted to live here in my life. And I don't know if I will ever like it here, but i'm always looking for the positive things and am walking by faith just like you said, and we feel the decisions we have made have been the right ones so far.

    Anyway, I am so interested in the part II of this post. And I'm also interested in how the employment works there. Has he graduated already? Does he get hired before he finishes the academy? How does it work there in Australia, or at least in your region? I like how the country post sounds. It sounds actually quite nice and the fact that you wouldn't have to work anymore would be lovely!