Tuesday, September 29, 2009

peaches- part II

As much as leaving is pretty much tearing me up inside, going somewhere new, well sounds pretty peachy to me. The PRO's
  • outdoor living in the country, and a (pretty nice from what my cop friends tell me)house with a yard (rent free thank you very much).
  • A break from the crazyness of late that has decended on my life/schedule.
  • Not having to work(because of the extra pay for country cops and other perks) but having the oppertunity to look for and only take a job i really want to do, like the rehab centre that is in one of the country towns we are considering.
  • Days at the beach
  • A new community to discover
  • New oppertunties to serve a small country church/youth ministry if they have one.
  • (our senior pastors are thinking about church planting wherever we go, that would rule out my nice little break theory but if that is Gods plan i will make it through i am sure.
  • fresh country food- maybe growing a vegie garden or fruit tree or two.
  • Catching up with country friends we know down south (where we are mostly looking at posts)
Among other things, it is all quite exciting. One of my favorite things to do is setting up house so moving doesnt really faze me particulary when the police are provided with all expenses payed removalists when going country!

Also, Mrs Fuzz was asking a bit about how police employment/academy etc works here. Conditions and perks for police here are very good and even the hours are very flexible in what shifts you work, whether you do 4 x 10s or 5 x 8s, where you are stationed etc(all within reason of course), you even have the option of being payed 80% wage and taking the 5th year off payed at 80% wage. 6 weeks annual leave ,unlimited sick leave and that is all before country perks. Anyway my point is that it is incredibly competive to become an officer in Western Australia and you are subjected to more than a year on and off of intense testing, scrutiny, phsycological evaluations, physical challenges etc at your own expense before joining the academy. You are employed the day of beginning academy and are fully sworn in, given badge and everything, and officers even begin doing event policing/security towards the end of thier 6 month academy time.
Duncan is due to finish on the 6th of January.

I hope that all makes sense :)


  1. Geez, maybe we should move to Australia! Sounds like more good things associated with the job than bad! Seriously, sounds great. thanks for answering my question.

    On second thought, we won't be moving to Australia because that's where HF's ex-girlfriend is. But that's a long story. :)

  2. Geez, I would totally want hubs to take the 5th year off. But not sure he would.

  3. that sounds great - how excitingxx