Monday, November 16, 2009

a bright spark

Just an amusing story D told me some of his academy mates told him recently, since i havnt shared for a while.

Background necessary info- police recruits are ranked officers from day one of academy and while issued with badge and authority that comes with it, recruits are required to change out of uniform before leaving academy as they have not got the experience or training to deal with a situation as a uniformed officer.

After training a group of recruits from D's squad had changed out of uniform and were walking over the car park. they noticed a vehicle travelling at considerable speed and one told D he thought to himself "that guy isn't gonna make it round that roundabout". Turns out he was quite correct and the male driver crashed over the roundabout, veering up onto a post. The recruits ran over to assist the guy who stumbled out of his vehicle, at which point one asked "are you ok, are you hurt" to which he replied "yeah, yeah, just help me get this off here before the cops get here" wish i could have seen his face when the whole lot of them told him 'mate, we are all cops!'

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