Monday, November 16, 2009

Some family highlights

With both of us on shift work, we really try to make the most of out family time together as it can be a sparse at times,
Pose much?
Super golf. i have a theory, anyone really good at anything says they started at 3. So we are starting Grace in everything so she can be great at anything she wants! No but really, she likes golf, like her Daddy...

Guess what else they like...

Especially when they get to make them for themselves...

(self explanatory really, that one)

We have been practicing writing letters for Daddy when he is not at home.

Hanging out in the pool at home with poppy (or the spa coz its warmer)

And Nan,

At the park...

with Aunty Tess

And Uncle Andy and our friends

And attempting to get some photos for christmas cards...

but hiding in the ferns was aparently much more amusing, so we tried again

and again

And again

and again

and again

i guess we will just have to try again

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