Monday, December 7, 2009

umm... huh? did that just happen?

So we made a decision. We applied for Duncan to be posted at the town that is just 45 minutes out of town. Started making plans and all. Duncan heard a perfectly timed post for a probationary constable (what the recruits are) was available just as their squad finished training. Only one other guy from his squad applied, and as squad leader Duncan knew this guy has only done average in his assessments and didn't pass the driver training so wasn't even qualified to do high priority and pursuit driving so we were totally sure we would get the spot.
One week passes... so the other guy got the spot. Come does that happen.

So here we are, at plan B. Knowing God is in control and its not his plan B.

So i will sign off with a few photos from our suprise trip to Sydney

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