Tuesday, January 26, 2010


a few from the files

"Mum its raining out...do you have an under-brella"

"no its not a tramp-olene mum its a Jumpolene" well yes that would make more sense

"Mum where is Jesus"... "does that mean he is riding in the back of our car right now"

and after hearing alot that Jesus is in our heart and not know the difference between her heart and other insides
"But i Neeeeed more food because when i eat my food then Jesus can get it and he might be hungry"

An the latest one....When about to call our friend who has just had another baby...
"mum, Aunty Carly has 3 babies...(me well kind of)...We need another one too. Me:you will have to talk to you dad about that one Grace: NO, we can just borrow another mummy to grow one coz i dont want you to go to the hospital again and then we can have another brother or sister and the other mummy can go home.
Nice Plan Grace :)


  1. Thats too cute...these kids...they come up with the funniest things!

  2. HA! Too cute. I LOVE the first picture and think you should blow up and frame it cause it's that good. Then the second one is HILARIOUS! Like a toddler flipping up gang signs or something. Ha! We have some funny words here too from my boy who just turned 3.
    and all L's are more like W's cause he can't pronounce L's yet and the ST combo come out like D so fish sticks are fish dicks. You get the idea I'm sure. Uh, gotta love them kiddos :)

  3. pantycakes... that is hilarious! yeah those second two are what happened when i asked her to stand nicely do i could get a good pic in the sunset :D