Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tom boy toddler


The ultrasound tech couldnt tell me if whe was a boy or girl, and sometimes i wonder still...

Unlike her sister J is loud, more than mildly destructive, hard hitting and resiliant and more often than not referred to as the animal of the family.

Openly defiant but quick to repent, miss J is less focused that her sister but far more headstrong.

Given the option at the aqaurium of about 15 animals to colour in including all the pretty ones like dolphins and seahorses J choose the shark, then as she takes 10secs to cover the pic in blue crayon she goes back to select...the shark again... not once but 3 times. When suggesting the pretty coral scene I was met with a determined "No, i donnn liiiyyyke it!"

Jaeda's favourite game is hiding in her closet and jumping out at people "roaring".She is pretty convincing too. :D

She loves dinosaurs (and ocasionally ballerinas), racing cars and iggle piggle.

She is a jumping,climbing, running, water baby and she loves sleep, her sister and puzzles and FOOD!!!

Most recently she made off with Graces toy baking set only to use the "electic beater" by removing one beater and putting it on the wall like an electric drill, saying "fix it".

I guess there had to be one considering their mother was a skateboarding, baggy pants wearing, owner of only one solitary pair of shoes (skate shoes) with not a skirt or dress to be found until a wedding dress made its way into the closet...

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