Saturday, February 20, 2010

Faith restored

So was going to blog about an experience i had Monday with some local police officers after we assisted a female involved in a D.V. situation while i was at work... i wont go into now but lets just say i was less that impressed with the interpersonal skills displayed by the officers (or lack there-of). Not to mention the lack of assistance in retrieving her young baby who was still in her house, as she had literally fled onto the street to get help and therefore technically left him in custody of the child. Apparently a child cannot be removed from custody of a parent without court order unless there are welfare concerns... i have welfare concerns for a child in house with a violent man who is very angry at the mother of the child... would YOU?

Previous to that day, police could do no wrong my eyes. I know quite a few cops and they are all good people too. I could give you a list of the things these particular officers did do wrong that day but i will just settle for praying my husband is never so busy being a cop he forgets to be a human being, as i am now well aware is possible.

So here the story was to end... except for the fact that I had an unusually dramatic week as by Tuesday I had phone emergency for the second time in as many days. This time a distressed client had attempted suicide just as i was starting my shift... The police arrived FAST (might help that we are 30 seconds from McD's ;) . After the initial drama settled down and the client was physically ok, the Senior officer started taking my statement and the other officer started talking to the young person, showing empathy, listening skills, reassuring body language (moving to eye level, open gestures etc) which I witnessed while I was in and out to check on the client. All in all the client was kept calm and distracted (necessary, for reasons i will spare on the details) for over 45 minutes it took for the ambulance to attend. Comparatively the previous days officers had made no attempt to 'help' or comfort the victim, hardly even assisting with her requests and definitely showing non of the interpersonal skills demonstrated by the following days officers.

We were so impressed by the officers genuine concern for and generosity of time with the young client we wrote a commendation letter to the commissioner.

Long story short... faith restored, maybe not to believing that all cops are saintly superheros, but at least that there are some that are.

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  1. Oh Lord yes,
    Though it is very sad to learn about some cops. AND taboo to speak of so I am not surprised you did not get any comments. So many wives want to believe that cops are so wonderful. Sad yet many of the cops at hubbys dept go and get wasted after work and then drive drunk and cheat on their wives and then are very racist and cruel. Very sad. I think it happens to more cops than many people want to believe or admit. Stinks! BUTTTTTTTT there are many honorable wonderful men too that are cops. Just less than I had once believed :(