Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who am i

Yesterday I was a mummy, at least until 9am, then I was a housekeeper/wife for a little bit while i cleaned, organised and shopped. Then a youth worker for while i went to the office to sort out my shifts, then a friend/relationship counselor at noon. then on to be a youth pastor for a couple of hours, at which point i become and administrator, teacher, general labourer and water baloon extrodinaire. By now it was 3 and i returned to being a mummy (chef, nurse, teacher, peacekeeper and entertainer) get them all to bed by 630 and return to youth pastor role, at least this week i am not preacher also. 930 become cleaner and bouncer among other things. 1030 i am nothing but finished.
At least Yeasterday i had no time to be a procrastinator, couch potato or time waster, or mourner

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