Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ups and Downs

Daddy is at home with us today. The work situation is not lookin good. Praise God he is starting with the police in July but i think it may be a rocky road until then... throws a bit of a spanner in the works of our routine too but thats cool, coz the girls love thier Daddy time. The room time went really well with both girls today, grace went from crying the whole half hour nearly to really enjoying her time to herself today setting up a little doll shop and clothes without being raided by the toddler tornado she calls her sister.
Jaeda was a little unimpressed at first but enjoyed her blocks and stacking cups while G painted in peace. Surprisingly they got along so much better when they played together after.
Tomorrow i will try catch so pics of them and work out how to post them.

We all went for dinner last night for my Cousins 20th. It was a good night and all you can eat went down sooo well with the kids! She was born the same year as my brother and i wonder how long her events will be crowded with the thoughts of Joe would be .... too. For my parents the look on their face is less of a realisation of that, more like every time is something else being stolen from them. Last night they were reminded that they will grieve the loss of a son's 20th celebration, as well as the loss of a son this year. Still it was good to see family and eat rediculous amounts of soft serve ice cream covered in chocolate chips.

Carly, so how far away do you think we can get in September. A million miles away sounds good to me... maybe further.

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  1. I don't know, we will just get in the car and keep driving :) Tara, it will be a sad time, but we will make it beautiful too :)

    Love you girl x