Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The end of an era... for now

Me- on night shift stating at 10pm, foolishly stating i was going to just chill out tonight until i had to go to work, made plans to run a bath, watch NCIS and each chocolate.
6pm, kids feed, bathed and J in bed, complete with recently purchased bonds easy suit that 'should' dare i say it prevent any more hands in the nappy debarcles, but thats a post and a picture for another day.

610 banging noise. J has reached out of cot to the shelf to get a picture frame and is banging on the wall...odd that frame was quite far away from her. take frame, lights out, reading with grace.

620 *thud* long silence, inhaling scream and crying. J on the floor between cot and clothes drawers.

625 j settled, put in cot to see if it was a fluke
626 catch j on the downfall.

627 remove cot, set up mattress on the floor...

proceed to spend the next 2 hours willing a 20 month old to stay in the bed. yeah right!

She stays while i am in the room, as soon as we leave she gets toys, does streaker type runs through the house, climbs in her sisters bed, well you catch my drift. Grace did the same thing at virtually the same age, accept then we just moved the cot to the babys room and were glad we didnt have to take it from her. now there is no baby, so i dont know what to do with the cot. Nor do i know how to avoid nightly bed battles, other than resorting to closing the safety gate and letting her fall asleep behind the door like her sister did... i guess Grace survived it.

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