Saturday, May 23, 2009


The words of a 9 year old from Uganda resounded with the perspective and wisdom that western children/teenagers/young adults and even some mature adults lack. At 9, having endured a horrific life of neglect, hunger, poverty and sickness he had a clear vison for his life and declared that he was blessed and God loved him... how is it that this little boy with nothing feels so amazingly blessed to have been taken in and have a bottom bunk bed to share in a room with four other boys, living with little more than the basics of life, and young people here in Australia struggle with self pity and depression and are so melancholic because in thier abundance ,all is not as they wish it were. Dont get me wrong i know life isnt perfect and some people here endure tragic circumstances, but many don't. They complain because daddy didnt buy them a car even though their brother got one, they complain because they cant eat out this week, they complain because their parents are a bit strict or they have too much home work, and deal with it like thier life is over, some are depressed because they dont know what they want to do with thier life, without realising the massive blessing that choice is.
I have complained because i cant afford to buy a rug that matches my lounge decor or because i dont get my hair cut as often as i should. WHAT?!?

i read somewhere that you will never be happy with what you have until you stop wanting things you dont have.
How free these children seemed, to be satisfied just to have their basic needs met and to have hope of a future.

thats all


  1. I truly believe Tara....that those with little are often times the "richest". They are able to see things the way they should be seen. They are amazing people and we all could learn so much from them! Thanks for sharing...makes me think :) xx