Tuesday, May 19, 2009

not me monday- a biggy

So just a few little things....i need to (not) confess... this past few weeks have been a little crazy and seeing as i am great at time management and boundaries and all those things, this blog due to said event either.
matter of fact i would not have made bill payments a little late because i didnt have time to bpay them, nor would i have left my husband without clean underwear on one occasion and no clean socks on two, and well i would never have forgotten my daughters ballet class two weeks in a row. NOT ME!

While i am at it, i would not ever, while trying to wisely manage our finances and save for the tough times coming while D trains to be a police officer, have allowed him to buy me a ludicrously expensive gown for said event seeing as i would not be silly enough to even consider hosting it!

I did not book the hall and caterers and then leave all other arrangements to the last minute, nor did i neglect to find out from hall management where the restroom light switches where, therefore having to convince our much obliging guests that peeing in the candlelight was part of the ambiance of the event.

I wasn't late to open up the hall for the DJ leaving him a little stressed out in the final minutes before doors opened and i did NOT take the largest slice of chocolate cake from the dessert buffet before anyone else got one!
i wasn't late for my work meeting this morning due to the hire trees being picked up and i did not return table cloths to the company with table litter still wrapped up in them!

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