Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not me (im not in denial) monday

No, No, No i most definately could not
have TWO children sleeping in
beds (no cribs or cots). Not me.

History did not just repeat it self when my
21 month
old climbed over the railing of her crib and therefor was
relegated to a mattress sleeping on the floor until we could get her a 'big girl bed'...

Nope! We have not seen this scene
at just the same age!

Come to think of it there is no way this little baby of the family can tell me "no, dora mummy", with perfect dictation when she wants to watch Dora instead of playschool. Nor could she tell me with perfectly clear words a number of animals, body parts, foods, names and various other items. Nope she is the baby of the family. (ha! dont you love that picture, i am sure J wont in times to come but it really shows how HUGE she was and her little drop lip is hilarious! and so her! This picture is the from hour she was born, i know she looks like a 6 month old, thats coz she was the size of one...ok slight exageration...only slight though !)

No WAY did I enrol this baby at school for next year...

Not a chance, there is no way she is old enough to be going
to school
next year. For that matter, there is NO WAY I am old enough to have a school attending child. Nope not me, oh and i am definately not in denial. Nope, not me!

As you can see i definately have not given in to letting my children A. go to sleep both in Graces bed, B. continue sucking their favoured extremities. Grace only does it in her sleep now and if i try pull it out she wakes up.might have to get some of that bad tasting finger paint...one day.

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  1. We're (not) having sleep issues at our place as well. Join the club!