Monday, June 29, 2009

not me monday- it's Jaeda here again

hi, i am nearly 2 year old Jaeda otherwise known as the animal of the family...i have confessed here once before... seems like there are lots of things i DONT do!

This week i did make my (twice as old and twice as big) sister cry on more than 3 occasions using brute force, not me!

I would never do something chronically embarrassing like throw the weeks biggest temper tantrum at the feet of the national director of "Growing Kids God Way". No way, mum had just finished telling her how great the course was and how she would love to facilitate a group . Such poorly timed bad behaviour would never be me!

We went swimming twice this week as the bad weather meant daddy had time off work, and the indoor pools are heated , and I most certainly did not (with absolutely no history of doing number twos in the water) decide to 'go' in the water twice. And i definately did not witnes my own mother pretending to swim while discretly ushering an excaped 'foreign object' into the filter skimmer.. nope not me, and not MY mummy!

I did learn about 400 new words this week, busting out hot,(ho...tttt), cold, warm,rain,(rayyy) mess, car, doggy, cat, meow, bed, yummy, yucky, hat, shoe, sock, tummy, head, hair,ear, nose, mouth play,(pway) draw, drink, nappy(nabby), poopoo, weewee, and the one we have all been waiting for GRACE! oh and in a triumph of my mothers parenting skills, Dora(Dorora) as in Dora the explorer from the TV amoung other words

Hope you enjoyed my not me's, hopefully mummy will be back next week to do hers, but in the mean time lots of other grown ups and mummys have posted theirs over on Mckmamas blog. Go check it out!


  1. Thanks for stopping by - your little one is SO cute - I love her curls!!!
    We've tried Babywise, and didn't work with my babe - I'm not a fan of crying it out at all, so it failed for us. We're going to try 12 hours by 12 weeks (a little late) and the No-Cry Sleep solution!

  2. Beautiful blog Tara! Yes, great idea - a DVD player will be a must! :-)

  3. Hi...thanks for the comment on my blog...I actually have a very close friend (living here now) that is from Australia....

    Love your "not me's" what an adorable baby!!

  4. Love the photos of the little girl. She is too cute. The swimming incident is one of my biggest fears. Glad it did not happen.

  5. Thanks for stopping by our blog!And for the diaper tip,I'll have to try that!Your daughter is adorable!Blessings to you!